the survey goes online

This questionnaire was posted both in Italian and English version on the open source platform Limesurvey and remained available online for 4 months without any filter or limitation, while the on-going results were saved directly by Limesurvey on two different spreadsheets.
Given its target and content, the questionnaire was promoted mostly over the Internet. After a final test about its technical procedures, on 1st February 2011 I drafted and distributed online a press release announcing my research project and the publication of the questionnaire, ready to be filled by all interested Internet users.
Initially this press release – both in English and in Italian – was posted on several websites about digital activism and IT matters, with a clear invitation to further re-distributing it on any appropriate place and channel. Thanks to this step, the document managed to reach a more general and varied audience.
Social networks (mostly Facebook) and micro-blogging platforms (particularly Twitter) also proved to be effective distribution channels. A frequent posting of news items, events notices, status updates, and short messages – all including a direct link to the research description page – created a sort of "viral effect" with a large user exposure.
In addition to such broad online promotion, I made sure to mention my project in any conference, university class or other public event I had the chance to attend during the 4 months the questionnaire was available on Limesurvey.
The online survey has been open for 120 days (from February 1 to June 1, 2011).

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