Study 2 (world) - Results: question 5.6

creative users vs. professional creative users (2)

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  1. indicates almost everyone should be OK to use NC works and almost everybody should be OK to release under non-NC licenses, as "creative" and "professional creative" respondents profess almost zero and very little interest in "direct or indirect profit". :) This slightly reminds me of the symmetry of professed conservative practice and liberal expectations around NC for licensors and licensees hinted at in

    [this comment has been originally written by Mike Linksvayer in the cc-community mailing lists:]

  2. I found this result quite surprising as most other results in this survey came out much as I expected. Did you draw any conclusions as to why professional creators were not interested in profiting from their work when by definition they are doing it as a profession and presumably need to earn a living from their work?

    1. Dear Nicholas, thanks for your comment. For conclusions and reflections about these data, you can check the related articles , in particular "Content production and perception of copyright: an analysis of habits and beliefs of internet users". If you want to write a comment post or article (as Glyn Moodys did), let me know and I will add the link.


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