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how you can get involved in the project

You can support the project and get involved in it in many ways. For instance...

1) you can simply share the official link "" or - better - share the announcement I released in many mailing lists; you can do it through mailing lists, social media, blogs, flyers, napkins... whatever you want;

2) you can write a review-article about the project or even propose an interview to the author; if you do that, please remember to correctly cite the project (read the "how to mention" paragraph);

3) you can write your suggestions and theoretical reflections in the field provided in every page of the website; better if you sign the comment with your complete name and leaving your email or website, thus I can reach you and discuss your ideas in private;

4) you can write an academic paper, basing it on the dataset of my research; it will be ideal if you decide to publish with an open content license and - possibly - in an open access journal. If you do that, please let me know as soon as possible, and for sure it will be added to the "related articles" page;

5) (especially if you work for a university or a research center) you can invite me as a speaker to present the survey in a live lecture;

6) (last but not least...) you can support the project "concretely", with a donation or - better - with a kind of sponsorship.

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