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Let me briefly introduce myself: my name is Simone Aliprandi, I have a PhD in Information Society and I am a lawyer, active in consulting, coaching and researching in the field of copyright and ICT law (see my professional network Array). I have been leading the Project since 2005 and I work as a teacher in the Italian university.
I give lectures on the main topics of my research and I give my support and co-operation to many projects that are interested in promoting the socalled “open culture” in my country.
I published books and articles in Italian and I am currently working on their English translation. The first book that I decided to edit in English is about the Creative Commons licenses and it was published online in August 2010. All of my works are released with opencontent licenses and it would be a pleasure for me if you use and redistribute them at your convenience.

Go to his personal website to learn more about his activities and his publications:


Thanks very much to all my friends and colleagues that helped me in realizing this project, giving me feedback and suggestions and promoting the survey around the world.
My special thanks to Andrea Mangiatordi for his important support in processing the datasets.


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