results (intro)

I chose to divide the results of the survey in two different studies: Study 1 (Italy) and Study 2 (rest of the word). This selection is based on the answers to question n° 1.3 ("country") and not on the language of the questionnaire.

So... in the end...

The questionnaire was filled by 1,735 people, with 1,289 for Study 1 (Italy) and 446 for Study 2 (rest of the world).
This amount includes only the "useful answers", that means only the questionnaires correctly filled at least till question n° 4.5 (included).

The Italian respondents group is much larger than the other one. That is why I think it is better to begin from Study 1 and consider Study 2 as a kind of "control study".

Now you can follow the website synthetic presentation of the results of Study 1 and Study 2. And feel free to add some comments or suggestions under every item.

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