survey structure

The main tool used for this research study was an online questionnaire based on the CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interviewing) method. I tried to address the most important issues raised during my education and training activities (as an observer-participant), while at the same drafting a simple but specific series of questions. This was not an easy step, given that people often tend to oversimplify the variety of issues concerning copyright, thus risking to misunderstand important technical and judicial concepts. The entire questionnaire is available in another page, while here below I will outline its major features.

The online questionnaire included:
  • 9 general questions about demographic data;
  • 35 questions requiring an answer from all respondents;
  • 10 questions addressing specific sub-categories of answers (based on previous filter questions).
The survey was composed by 5 sections.
  • section 1: demographic information
  • section 2: behaviours
  • section 3: opinions and perceptions
  • section 4: level of awareness
  • section 5: type of users
Section 5 included in-depth questions about specific online activities based on previous filter questions, in order to gather respondents in specific sub-categories, as shown in the following chart:

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